You`ve only got to go into your local supermarket or open your post at work to understand that  magazines are still one of the very best ways to get  your brand values and product choices across to customers and prospective buyers.In fact they are a perfect complement to your inbound programme!

Better content marketing

Research by the PPA and by the Post Office underlines our view that the majority (b2b and b2c) still prefer to consume their content in print form  as it`s more engaging, tactile, portable and easy to retain and pass-on.

 Complex topics

Print works fantastically well in getting across technical issues and provides the creative opportunity that can make a big and memorable impact with the reader – let alone the opportunity to easily re-visit to absorb more detail.

 Just one example

We have been creating and producing `Partner Magazine` for our client Schueco UK ( a major German manufacturer of windows, doors and facades) for over 8 years with great success for their UK network partners and architects.

Ask us for ideas for your magazine project

We will help you get your company magazine to `pilot stage` by providing format, structure ideas, text advice and a sample creative treatment for your decision-making process – FOR FREE!   Just ask.


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