OK , so we are in the middle of ( or at the beginning of?), the biggest period of change that the marketing business has ever seen.But, but, but… does that mean that we are getting so swept along by the delivery technology that we have lost sight of other key needs?

Just stop and take a look!

Look through a selection of b2b journals or b2b websites or b2b video`s and, whilst there is lots of creative excellence out there, the proportion of the   down-right `ordinary` is growing.  It`s understandable, maybe, when every b2b marketer is stretching their time, their focus and their budgets over the innumerable market communication opportunities now to be considered. So, if the time and budget you invest in creativity needs to be less and if the result does the job, then why spend more?

 Because it`s about effectiveness!

Now that content is becoming ubiquitous and search more selective, we need to be thinking constantly about initial impact and the emotional aspects because buying is, as we all know, not only about information and rational decision.

It means that using marketing propositions and creative treatments that are just plain ordinary are not likely to successfully build positioning, or maintain an effective company or product personality (or easily build demand). And, thousands of words of helpful advice or technical video`s enabling self-help with product selection, although very important, are not going to, necessarily, meet your buyer`s subliminal needs, especially when an on-going relationship is needed.

The perception of your company or brand as progressive/dynamic/customer focused/innovative/stable/reactive/design orientated (or other attributes) is often what tips the balance in your favour….. and this needs great creative expression!

 Re-visit the process

a)Re-visit your competitive proposition because this is fundamental in  influencing buying psychology and as a starting point for your creative brief. It needs to offer `your promise` in the most powerful and versatile way and has to be effective across a variety of influencers and decision-makers and maybe your future product mix too.

 b)Then think about your content strategy and how you can implement it to support the proposition that will set you apart. Maybe adding an extended guarantee, an extra service, in-house training or using a `character` to demonstrate, will make it credible and memorable – you get the picture!

c)When it comes to that all important aspect – creative expression, the old values of  relevance, impact, memorability , simplicity and continuity should underpin your creative brief  and help create a key platform for your positioning and your markets` perceptions.

Getting to a powerful, motivating and memorable creative concept and execution ain`t easy, but when you have, it can make a huge difference to the way that your marketing efforts perform. Allocate enough time in preparing a professional creative brief and to finding the right team to explore the execution and your marketing investment is much more likely to inspire your prospects and build your sales.

 Getting your programme in balance

Marketing and market communications have changed for ever, but  great creativity still needs to be the bedrock on which your content and in-bound programmes are based and, of course outbound too.


Dudley Masters, Account Director, Acumen Marketing Communications, Kent. 01732 456444